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I'm Kazuma Yokota and I'm 8 years old. I was born with hydrocephalus which required me to have brain surgery at 1 week old to help drain the excess fluid from my brain. My Surgeon placed a VP Shunt in my brain which I will have for the rest of my life. My brain damage caused my right side of my body to be weak, like someone who had a stroke, and makes a lot of things in life physically challenging. One thing that I CAN do is ride a horse! I’m such a good rider, I have gotten to ride Mali and Chance at Manes for Movement. Everyday I talk about seeing the horses and I look forward to every Friday to ride them. I can even trick ride on the horses, by riding sideways, backwards, and on my hands and knees. Riding Chance and the other horses gives me more self-confidence and has dramatically helped to improve my posture and balance. I also get to clean the horses’ hooves and give them treats at the end. It is really fun to cut the carrots or apples and feed them up close with my sister Tessa. Please help support Manes for Movement this month so that Mali and Chance will remain well fed and taken care of! The horses are my friends and they mean the world to me!
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