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Hello everyone! We are the therapy horse herd at Manes for Movement: Chance, Mali, Lizzie, Dolly, and Rufus and we are here to tell you about the Month of Giving. First of all, we LOVE our jobs. Not only do our clients bring us yummy snacks after every ride (we particularly love apples, carrots, and watermelon), but we get to help children and adults grow and progress in not only their riding skills, but also in their functional skills on a daily basis. Not to brag, but without us Manes for Movement and the life changing programs it offers simply wouldn't exist! For that reason it is very important for us to have a successful Month of Giving campaign. Did to you know that it costs Manes for Movement over $12,000 a year, per therapy horse, to keep us happy and healthy? That's over $60,000 per year to support the whole therapy horse herd! This covers our necessary food, stabling, hoof care, and veterinary care so that we are able to perform at our full potential, and help as many children and adults through equine assisted therapies and adaptive riding as possible. We ask that you please consider donating to support Manes Month of Giving, so that we are able to stay happy, healthy, and continue to help our clients thrive to the best of our abilities!
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