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First steps, running, jumping, independent sitting, and head control are only a few of the many independent milestones and miracles we see transpire in the physical therapy department at Manes for Movement. Using the power of the horse in our treatment sessions (Hippotherapy), the physical therapy team at Manes for Movement disguises hard work and perseverance with fun, laughter, and play in our therapeutic barn setting. Although it may look like just another pony ride from the unfamiliar eye, with each stride of the therapy horse our physical therapy clients are developing the strength, postural control, balance, and coordination to facilitate essential gross motor skills to allow them to better participate in their everyday lives and community.

Instead of using traditional therapy gym equipment like a therapy ball or swing to work on functional goals (like walking, jumping, running etc) the horse and its movement serves as our highly sophisticated therapy equipment. The movement of the horse is unique, in that when a horse walks its pelvis moves in a similar 3-D pattern to that of the human pelvis during a typical walking pattern. When a human is sitting astride a horse, this 3-D equine movement that is imparted on them simulates a typical walking pattern. Imagine for a moment a child who spends the majority of their days in a wheelchair, is now sitting astride that horse. Not only is the experience of riding incredibly empowering for them, but it allows them an opportunity to practice the necessary balance reactions, and strengthen the muscles needed to support walking independently. Within a single 30-minute treatment session the patient can experience upwards of 3000 "repetitions" or practice opportunities, making Hippotherapy one of the most intense, effective, yet fun treatment tools available! The movement of the horse is repetitive, predictable, and rhythmic, much like human walking, and has not yet been replicated in the clinical therapy setting. This is life-altering for patients in addressing their specific functional needs.

Manes for Movement is the only therapeutic riding facility within a 40-mile radius to use Hippotherapy in their client's physical therapy plan of care, making Manes for Movement an essential resource to families of people with disabilities in the South Bay and beyond. Please consider donating to support our clients and the delivery of these life changing services today!
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