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Your gift to Students for Voting Justice will accomplish two important things. First, it will help us to have a very real impact on Black and youth voter turnout in Georgia and North Carolina, two critically important states. And second, your gift will allow us to educate the future leaders of the fight for voting rights.

Here’s what your gift can do:
$50 pays to place a get-out-the-vote ad created by an intern on social media.
$125 covers the cost of materials for our leadership development workshop.
$250 provides postcards, stamps, and related supplies for one intern to use in voter outreach.
$500 pays for an honorarium for an educational guest speaker.
$1,800 sponsors the stipend of one intern for a nine-week session.
$3,000 covers the full cost of enrolling one intern, including the stipend, postcards, and other voter outreach and educational expenses.

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Students for Voting Justice, a campaign of the Center for Common Ground.