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My name is Jackson Renzi and I love Manes for Movement! I'm 8 years old and I've been horseback riding for almost 4 years now. I go to a lot of therapy, but hippotherapy is my absolute favorite! I think you'll hear a lot of Manes for Movement's clients say that it's not just their favorite therapy, but one of their favorite activities, period. I'm so proud of myself at the end of a ride.
Every Saturday morning, my dad takes me to the barn to ride Lizzie. This year, I advanced to using a saddle and even standing up in my stirrups. After the ride, I think it's hilarious to slam dunk the pieces of Lizzie's treat into her bucket. Riding Lizzie is the highlight of my weekend! Manes for Movement relies on donations to cover the difference between client fees and the cost of providing their incredible services. Please help support Lizzie and her other horse friends so they can keep up their amazing work!
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