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Cayden has been a part of Manes for Movement with Erin & Niki since they first opened their doors. Although he was unsure & started to cry when they placed him on his first horse Sparky, the minute they began moving he stopped crying and broke out into the biggest smile ever. His smile lasted the entire ride and at the end we knew he was hooked. Every week no matter how tired he is Cayden always looks forward to riding with Ms Erin, Ms Niki and his sidewalking buddies Ms Marsha, Ms Cindi & Ms Sue.

Cayden loved hearing about all the fun things they did over the weekend & would be motivated to sit up tall. When he was young he would push back, flop over and even hide his face when he first started riding. His core & neck were very weak so he needed a lot of support during his rides. His small little hands would be balled up in a fist so tightly due to his spasticity that he would have to knock the apples into the bucket to feed the horses.

Today Cayden enjoys his weekly rides sitting up tall, turning his head side to side to listen to everyone's stories and sometimes fills the arena with his belly laughs. He slam dunks apples into the bucket 2 or 3 at a time now and even helps to chop them up! We also added a weekly OT sessions with Ms Liz. Together they paint, causes destruction & of course make delicious horse cookies to feed all his horse buddies at the barn. He loves to trick Ms Liz into looking away so he can knock everything off his tray. Because Cayden loves Manes so very much we hope that all kids like him can enjoy spending time on the horses getting stronger & more confident and the amazing team at Manes for Movement. Please consider supporting Manes for Movement today!
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