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Teddy is a super happy, silly 7 year old who happens to have visual impairment, cerebral palsy, and intellectual disabilities from being born 3 months early. He has been in therapy since he was in the NICU! His very favorite therapy ever? Horse therapy (Hippotherapy) with Dr. Erin and Dr. Liz at Manes for Movement.

Since beginning horse therapy we have seen Teddy's posture on the horse straighten and his balance and gait improve. Even after a double hip surgery a year ago, we got back to horse therapy as soon as we could because it helped his strength and was something to look forward to. Teddy loves to talk about his favorite horses: Lizzy, Rufus, and now the beautiful Dolly who goes "so fast"! He has learned to stand in the stirrups and even ride facing backwards, surrounded by two therapists and a volunteer to keep him safe. And of course, to keep him thrilled by singing 'the horse on the farm goes neigh neigh neigh' to the tune of wheels on the bus. There are many, many, verses.

We are so thankful that Manes for Movement is able to give us a more affordable cost per session with the military discount. Thanks to this financial assistance, Teddy is able to do weekly therapy sessions. Not only is it a joy to watch Teddy on his horse having a blast, it is also an enjoyable time for the parent who brings him, to be surrounded by the horses and the beauty of nature, and knowing that Teddy is having fun and building strength and growing new skills. We love Manes for Movement and Dr. Erin!

Love, Teddy and the Chiaratti Family
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